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Tree care isn’t always so straightforward as only watering them but rather requires professional care to thrive. A specialist is always able to identify whether a tree matter is benign or if it’s becoming malignant and causing harm to your surrounding foliage. When a tree begins exhibiting signs of loose or decaying bark, cracks in the trunk, and even some dark spots popping up here and there on its leaves, your tree might be diseased. In such cases, our arborist is well-equipped to contain and eliminate the diseased bits.

ADT Tree Services in the Hills District offers a range of tree services such as tree stump removal, tree cutting and tree pruning to maintain a healthy upkeep of your yard space.

What are the Different Types of Tree Services Available?

Tree Pruning:

Once your trees have grown, they might need regular tree pruning to maintain a healthy look. Instead of tree pruning, they are often left to grow as they like; however, that might not be the best look for your garden, or it might have some deadwood parts that need to be removed.

Tree pruning is essential to encourage growth and allow air circulation between the branches to keep them healthy after thinning their crowns. Tree pruning offers many more benefits, such as:

  • Removing diseased parts of the tree
  • Getting rid of storm-damaged branches
  • Preventing branches from violating property lines
  • Making the trees more aesthetically appealing
  • Better structure to increase overall health and stability
  • Tree pruning can promote better fruit production for a fruit tree

Tree pruning is best performed by a professional to avoid over-pruning or cause any other potential structural damage. Our professionals would be able to go straight to the target areas efficiently and have the skills to provide the best possible care for your trees.

Tree Cutting:

In cases where the tree has become completely diseased, died off or has become far too overgrown, you will need to have it cut down. Tree cutting is a necessary grooming service to ensure the safety of your yard space. Moreover, tree cutting removes the unnecessary parts that might hinder healthy growth. If diseased, tree cutting is best done by an arborist, to fully evaluate the extent of damage caused to the tree. Our specialists can diagnose whether the infection stops at just one tree or if it’s potentially spread to the roots of the surrounding trees.

Tree cutting on your own can be a significant risk to your safety, and it’s always recommended to have it performed by an arborist. Our professionals in Hills District come armed with the knowledge and necessary tools to perform tree cutting safely and efficiently.

Stump Removal:

The potentially bad roots of a stump can absorb all the nutrients that were meant to be going to the new plants you might be trying to grow. A diseased stump can very well prevent your garden from thriving and tends to move the aesthetic away from what most people desire. In such cases, stump removal becomes necessary.

For effective stump removal, our arborist performs a stump removal strategy known as stump grinding to extract it in its entirety without leaving even the roots behind. Stump grinding is an environmentally safe and sustainable method of complete stump removal. After the extraction, the stump is ground up into an organic material comprising wood chips and soil. After the stump removal, such fresh mulch can help boost your soil’s quality and overall vitality.

Why Choose ADT Tree Services as Your Arborist in the Hills District?

It might be a preference to maintain your tree yourself but it’s always a good decision to contact arborists near you to handle such tree services instead. Our arborists are trained to know everything related to trees and their health. Most of all, our arborist team is well-equipped to deal with large vegetation areas and can advise on how you could continue taking care of your yard space.

Approaching tree cutting, tree lopping, stump removal or any other grooming on your own could potentially be hazardous to your safety and cause unnecessary risks to your property. Tree lopping can be especially damaging as it doesn’t account for your tree’s health nor your surrounding foliage’s welfare. Moreover, tree lopping attracts various pests, fungi, borers, and other decay-inducing organisms. Tree lopping can also leave behind unappealing trees, which might devalue your property.

Our specialists in Hills District hold the essential skillset to ensure that your trees receive proper attention and care to nurture them according to their specific attributes. By doing so, our arborists can preserve their natural shape and environment.

How to Get Started with Caring for Your Tree? Contact ADT Tree Services Today!

ADT Tree Services in the Hills District offers various tree arborist services such as, tree cutting, tree removal, tree pruning, stump removal etc. Holding more than a decade of experience, they have some of the best professionals in the industry that can look after your tree needs.

Best of all, they offer 24/7 emergency tree services to come and take care of any storm-damaged branches or any hazardous branches hanging about your property. Contact today for one of the leading tree services in Hills District, Sydney at +61 420500957 or send in an enquiry.

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