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Tree services are a line of work that tends to get overlooked by many people as they might try to take care of their trees on their own. However, this could create several unwelcome problems for the owners and even pose a risk to their safety and property, which can be avoided by hiring tree services such as tree cutting or removal.

Tending to trees can seem straightforward, but how you go about tree pruning, for instance, can lead to different growth patterns. Much like people, a tree’s shaded branches and leaves can get sunburned if suddenly exposed due to haphazard tree cutting. An arborist knows how to prevent such damage while tree pruning and tree cutting to preserve your trees’ health.

While you might be able to handle your trees’ needs by yourself, we have arborists thoroughly trained to provide tree services in a safe, environmentally friendly manner. Our team of arborists handle a range of tree services such as tree cutting, tree pruning, tree removal and even stump removal to improve your yard space. A tree also tends to affect the surrounding vegetation, and our arborists in the Blue Mountains can quickly provide advice and take care of any infestation.

Is Tree Lopping Worth It Over an Arborist?

Sometimes tree lopping tradespeople or tree loppers tend to be contacted instead of an arborist to manage tree pruning or tree removal to get the job done quick and easy at a low fee. As tree lopping isn’t a certified practice, your trees might not get the care they need. Whereas our arborists in the Blue Mountains are certified and qualified professionals that can advise you on which tree services would be good according to their specific needs (i.e., whether they require tree pruning, tree cutting or tree removal).

With a cheaper tree lopping cost can come short-term gains that don’t serve your long-term goals for your garden and yard space. A short-term solution of tree lopping can end up having you contact tree loppers more frequently, thereby increasing your costs considerably.

Tree lopping can also cause the tree to go into a state of shock which could encourage decay and attract harmful pests. This happens because, unlike delicate tree pruning, tree lopping leaves an open wound susceptible to the spread of tree diseases. With such potential risks associated with tree lopping, it might not be the best for your yard space. Conversely, our arborists in Blue Mountains are well-equipped to perform tree services such as tree pruning, tree cutting, stump removal and tree removal as needed, without harming the trees and the surrounding foliage.

Why is Stump Removal Important?

A tree stump is like that little errand you must take care of but keep forgetting because it can always be addressed later. Stumps can just be benign and not cause any harm to your garden space except maybe mess with the aesthetic you wanted to go for. However, stump removal may become necessary if stumps begin posing a threat to your surrounding foliage and property safety, for instance:

  • Stump removal can be necessary if it is causing an unnecessary rise in accidents in your yard, (e.g., tripping and impeding with gardening activities such as lawnmowing)
  • If a tree died of a disease and removal was not performed, then its leftover stump could be highly damaging to any plants you might be trying to grow as it can steal all the nourishment and moisture from the soil meant for other vegetation. In such a case, stump removal would become necessary.
  • A stump removal would be required if a harmful pest caused an infestation that could even spread to your indoor space. It could also infect neighbouring trees, which might require tree cutting or removal if the stump isn’t extracted on time.
  • Stumps can also encourage new trees to sprout in their surrounding area which can be an unexpected outcome. In such cases, it’s best to have our arborist perform a stump removal before it escalates.

Tree services can be confusing to tackle since it’s not something you could need daily; however, it is something you need if you wish to maintain a healthy and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space. Our tree removal services in Blue Mountains are fully equipped with certified professionals who are always at the ready to manage your tree pruning, tree cutting, stump removal etc., needs. They have skills and experience spanning over more than a decade and even offer a 24/7 emergency tree services to tend to any storm-damaged trees or to take care of any dangerous branches hanging in or around your property. Contact us now at +61 420500957 or send through a message!

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Andrew is hardworking and very knowledgeable, with experience and understanding of all tree types and of the local governments. Andrew is reliable, punctual, and always completes the job in a most satisfactory and professional manner.

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ADT Tree Services have attended our school on several occasions to complete work.
We have always found them to be professional in all aspects of their work. The site is always left clean and tidy and consideration is always given to the fact that they’re working on a school site.

We would have no hesitation in employing ADT Tree Services for further work at our school.


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